Sweet Apple Acres

Sweet Apple Acres

Applejack 2
Some attributes
First Applejack is strong
Second Applejack lives on an Apple Farm
Third Applejack is a rodeo pony
Other attributes
Fourth Applejack wears a hat usually
Fifth Applejack is an earth pony
Sixth AJ is honest
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Meet Applejack

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Meet Applejack



Applejack is a kind, country, honest female, and a sweet earth pony. She lives at SweeApple Apple Acres, an Apple Farm. She almost always wheres her Cowgirl hat and is one of the mane characters. She and her pet pwenona help lasso, herd, and keep Ponyville free from harm. Her best skill is probably herding. A skill that no pony else can do as well as her. Applejack is not afraid to get her hoves dirty and can do any job well done. She is very good at bucking trees and even has her own signature smack called the Applejack smack! That is when she kicks the trees to make the apples fall. She sometimes gets over her head but is down dependable.

Sweet Apple AcresEdit

The Mane part of Sweet Apple Acres is the Barn. The Apple's use the barn for cooking, sweeping, sleeping, running , for company, playing, eating, and as there house.  The trees in Sweet apple acres are all Apple. In the winter the Apples(what's kinda like there last name) make cider. what they might call the best cider in Equestria. That's what they call Cider Season. Applejack's element of harmony is Honesty. She is always Honest, even when it is hard. (At least when she is orange)
Applejack infant

Applejack as an infant

Applejack as a Filly

AppleJack as a Filly

AJ Breezie

Applejack as a breezie


Applejack as Mistress Mar-velous a power pony

MLP FiM Baked Bads

MLP FiM Baked Bads

Applejack not hearing right when she got tired



Applejack As a scarecrow

Applejack dressed up as a scarecrow

Crystal AJ

Crystal Applejack

Applejack is modist and Sometimes bites off more than she can chew. For an example shetold Big Mcintosh that she was going to harvest all of Sweet Apple Acres with no help. Since big mac was hurt and no pony could replace him she'd do it by herself but ende up turning into what some people say, A zombie. She got so tired of constantly working but wouldn't except help from her friends. She got so tired She couldn't even hear the right way. When she tries to launch rainbow Dash into the air but she keeps missing...
Applejack - (fires off Rainbow Dash)

Applejack - (fires off Rainbow Dash)


Applejacks nicknamesEdit

A.J., Apple Teeny, Apple Smack, cowgirl, workhorse, Mistress Marvelous, and Apple Jewel.