tl is a dog-like creature that is seen in the books Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue in the episode Read it and Weep. He was also seen in the episode Daring Don't. He has a human hand at the end of his long monkey like tail,a dog like shaped head except for his eyes which are positioned over to of his nose,He walks on all four paws,with dog like hinds and ape like limbs, He wears earings and a sleek body. He is very colorful and is also an enemy. In the books Daring Do he is the main antogist in the quest for the sapphire statue. His body color is mainly dark blue but also has little bits of lighter blue, red, orange, and white.


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Mane six Breezies

The mane six as breezies

pe of creature that are very tiny, have wings, and carry pollen. They were seen in the episode It Ain't easy Bein Breezies. They are very cute and have a wings-spand that is pretty big. They all have names and look similair to ponies except they have clear wings, have no cutiemark, are smaller, and they have antenas.