My Little Pony is famous for cutiemarks witch are Pictures that appear on a Ponies Flank or Haunch. They represent what makes that pony different from all the other ponies It also means what that pony is good at. They appear when he or she does the same thing that her cutiemark is meant to do. At first they were called symbols but they changed the name to cutiemark later. All ponies are born with no cutiemark but everypony gets one eventually.

Meaning and coming of ageEdit

Cutiemark Crusaders

The Cutie mark Crusaders have no cutiemarks yet


The episode Call of the Cutie deals with cutiemarks too. The first part of it is when Cherilee teaches about cutiemarks and how you get one. You aren't born with a cutiemark so you have to try out different things to see if that is your speciak talent. The cutiemarks are obtained when the pony discovers a unique charateristic that sets themselves apart from others. Twilight Sparkle also proves that magic can't make a cutiemark appear before it's time to. The meaning of cutiemarks are not always literal: Cherilee's cutiemark is three smiling flowers that she  explains that the flowers it represented the wish to make her students bloom in happiness. The social implications of a cutiemark are explored in Call of the Cutie.Edit


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