Equestria is the land where all the ponies live. It is based off the word Equestrians which means horse rider.
Map of Equestria

The Map of Equestria

Places in EquestriaEdit


Sweet Apple Acres 2

Sweet Apple Acres besides the barn

yville is the place where the mane six live. it is a sweet

picture of Ponyville

country-ish town. Sweet Apple Acres is part of Ponyville. Other parts of Ponyville are the town square, Carousel Boutique,Golden Oak Library, Sugar Cube Corner There is also a bridge, and a fountain.


Canterlot is

A picture of canterlot from far away

a nice place but you have to act like a appropriate pony. Eve
Canterlot from Ponyville

Canterlot view from Ponyville

rypony always acts appropriate there and most are rich. They are almost always wearing a dress and are most unicorns or Alicorns. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna also live in Canterot. The most important unicorn in Canterlot is Fancy Pants.




is a place where the weather is made, pegasi live, pegasi are born, and where Rainbows are made. It is all made from clouds and pegasi are the only one's who can stand on it. That is also where Rainbow Dash lives.

Crystal EmpireEdit

The Cr
The Crystal Empire

The Crystal Empire with the crystal castle in the center

ystal Empire is a place that has mostly Crystal Ponies. The Crystal Castle is a huge part of the Crystal Empire. The streets in the Crystal Empire are shaped in a Snowflake if you look close enough. A bad unicorn called King Sombra used to rule the Crystal Empire but he got locked away in the ice of  the arctic north.

Everfree ForestEdit

The Ever Free Forest is at the edge of Ponyville. It is a forest and has all kinds
Ever Free Forest

Inside of the Forest

of animals
The edge of the Ever Free Forest

The edge of the Ever Free Forest

and creatures including: Crocodiles, The castle of the 2 sisters, Manticores, The tree of Harmony, Timberwolves(wolves made out of timber) and other creeps.  Zecora lives in the Ever Free Forest in a hut, and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna used to stay until Luna destroyed half of it when she was Nightmare.There is also a river in the Ever Free Forest.




hattan is a beatiful city with all kinds of things and a bunch of taxi's. Rarity says that if your generous to someone you will always be repayed. Manehattan has a huge bridge to enter.

White Tail WoodsEdit

White Tail Woods is the place where Rainbow Dash and Applejack raced
White Tail Woods

White Tail Woods

in the episode Fall Weather Friends. They were racing to get to the end but they kept tricking each other. These woods are beatiful in the fall and are the perfect place for ponies to have as wallpaper.

Froggie Bottom BogEdit

Froggie Bottom Bog is a place which is basically a swamp. It is muddy and
Froggy Bottum Bog

Froggie Bottom Bog

there are Hydras there. There are also Lilypads and the Swamp is slmost always bubbling. It was shown in the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen. Where  Fluttershy goes with her frogs to bring the over like they like.


Apple Loosa is a cou


ntry town with a bunch of acres of Apple Tree's. There are things and places to do and see There are places to do the Wild west dances, Where they do there mild west dances, the salt shack, and apple acre.

Ghastly GorgeEdit

Ghastly Gorge is a Gorge that has quarry eals. Quarry Eals are eals that live inside
Ghastly Gorge

Ghastly Gorge

rocks. They don't like it if you get to close to there homes and if you do they'll pop out and grab you. They are usually Red Violet. This Gorge is quite a winding one and is filled with avalanche zones.

Dodge JunctionEdit

Cherry Orchars

Miss Jubilee's Cherry Orchard

Dodge Junction is a western-place that was in the episode The Last Roundup. Dodge Junction resembles Appleoosa. It is based off of Dodge City, Kansas. It is more known for cherries then apples. It has Cherry Tree orchard. The Orchard is owned by a pony by the name of Cherry Jubilee. There
Dodge Junction

Dodge Junction

are only two colors of cherries, Yellow and red.

Winsome FallsEdit

Winsome Falls is a place with Rainbows. Related to Rainbow Falls it is a beatiful place. It is seen on the episode Sl
Winsome Falls

Winsome Falls view from the sky

eepless in Ponyville. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash race through this part of there trip against Applebloom and Applejack, and Sweetie Belle and Rarity. This is also where they had camped on ther trip.

Rainbow FallsEdit

Rainbow Falls2

Rainbow Falls

nbow Falls is a place with a bunch of Rainbow Falls.(that is why they call it that) it is similair to Winsome Falls with some Rainbow colored Water Falls. It is also where the They have the Equestria Games tryouts. This also where there is an annual traders exchange there Like the episode Trade Ya!

Tenochtitlon BasonEdit

Tenochtitlan Bason is a Remote Part of Equestria as Twilight Says. It is mostly made of tr
The Forest

Tenochtitlon Bason and the Mane six

ees and is the same Forest that Daring Do lives in. It is also where other things that are in the stories of Daring Do. Like the Fortress of Talicon is.




Tartarus is a place like dungeoun. Where all the "Evil Creatures" are. (At least that is wha
Tirec in Dungeon

Tirec got banished from Equestria and got throne in dungeon in the place that he was banished to

t Twilight refers to them as)  This where Tirek was kept when he was Imprisoned. The thing that guard the Gates of Tartarus is a three headed dog named Serberus. The only creature that had escaped (at least what the episodes have recorded) is called Tirec.

The mentioned parts of EquestriaEdit

The mentioned parts of Equestria have only been talked about by ponies like Philidelphia.


Philidelphia has been mentioned several times in the episodes. For one it was mentioned in the episode Games Ponies Play.

1.The next host of the Equestria Games is Philidelphia - Female Pegasus

2. I'm afraid I must cancel the visit because of an infestation in Philidelphia because of some incredibly bothersome creatures. -Princess Celestia