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Main Six

Rarity - With her gleaming white coat and royal purple curls, Rarity is the most beautiful unicorn in Ponyville.

Fluttershy - Graceful Fluttershy has a special way with forest animals. Her favorite thing is to care for them in her quiet meadow cottage.

Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Dash lives for adventure! Whenever there's a problem that involves danger, distant lands, and mysterious beasts, she's the first to help.

Applejack - Applejack is a country pony who grew up on her family's apple farm. She's down to earth and dependable, and she's not afraid to get her hooves dirty.

Pinkie Pie - Pinkie Pie is a free spirit who prances to the beat of her own drum. Actually, she prances to the sound of her own singing.

Twilight Sparkle - For a unicorn who's new to the magic of friendship, Twilight Sparkle gets an "A+."

Song of the Week

MLP FiM Discords Glass Of Water song HD w Lyrics in Description-1

MLP FiM Discords Glass Of Water song HD w Lyrics in Description-1


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