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MLP Ponies of Philidelphia is another generation about the same as the friendship is magic MLP. The main characters are, Planet Heart, Thunderhead, Summer Cruise, Fire Magic, Happy Apple, and Cherry Tree.

                                                                    Planet HeartEdit

There cutie marks are the same technique as friendship is magic. There eyes are different. Look up "Eye Design" for more details.Look up "Main Theme" to see the main song. There are alot of things on this wiki, so, have FUN!Edit

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Summer Cruise: Summer Cruise is a pony who loves to take poeple on cruises! She is the most like Rarity. Her cutie mark is a comb.

Fire Magic: Fire Magic is a pony who loves to practice her magic in a nice, quiet field. She is most like Fluttershy. Her cutie mark is a horn with magic in it.


Cherry Tree: Cherry Tree is Happy Apple's sister. She loves playing games. And shes super fast! She is most like Applejack. Her cutie mark is cherries.
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Planet Heart: Planet Heart is the most main chararcter in Ponies of Philidelphia. She is most like Twilight Sparkle. Her cutie mark is a heart with a ring around it, like Saturn.
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Thunderhead: Thunderhead is a speedy wing pony. He does not let anything get in his way! He is mostly like Rainbow Dash. His cutie mark is a dark cloud with two lightnight bolts below the cloud.

Happy Apple: Happy Apple is a jolly pony who makes her sister laugh all the time! She is most like Pinkie Pie. Her cutie mark is a apple with wings.
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