• Radiance
  • Saddle Ranger
  • Mane-iac
  • Twilight Sparkle and spike as Powerish Ponies
  • Mane-iac before she fell into the shampoo
  • Spike with box tied to tarp
Power Ponies

The Power Ponies is a book and is the sixth episode of season 4. The Power ponies is a gang that stops a villian, The Mane-iac! She was the power-mad owner of a hair-care product company. A tragic accident at her shampoo factory in Maretropolis not only gave her mane strange new powers, but also caused her to go completely insane! She and her henchponies are planning to break into the Maretropolis Museum and steal the Electro-Orb, so she can use it to power up her doomsday device! Of course, the Mane-iac wouldn't have even known if Hum Drum hadn't slipped up and told her all about it. Spike's favorite comics are called the Power Ponies. Spike is in he middle of reading a Power Pony book when he turns the page and it says... You can return to the place you started, when the Maniac is defeated. Take a closer look 'to join the adventure in this book? - Spike. Spike took a closer look at the book like it had said to and the book started a bright light and it sucked Spike inside the book! The mane six saw the bright light and jumped in befor the book closed. They all woke up in Maretropalis, the Power pony world. They were all wearing outfits. Spike aoke and noticed that they were all characters in the book! Twilight Sparkle was called the masked -matter horn, Rarity was called Radiance, Fluttershy was called Saddle Ranger, Pinkie Pie was called Fili second, Rainbow Dash was called Zapp, Applejack was called Mistress Marvelous, and Spike was called Humdrum. Now before I tell you what their powers were could you guess? Twilight Sparkle could shoot all kinds of things out of her horn, Rarity could make anything appear with a bracelet she wore, Fluttershy if she lost her temper would turn into a huge super strong monster, inkie Pie could run so fast that in 1 second she could be miles away, Rrainbow Dash had a special necklace that if she held it up to the sky it would change the weather, Applejack had a lasso which she can control with her mind, The thing is Spike has no powers. He thinks he isn't useful. The power Ponies mane use is to get the electro orb from the Mane-iac. The maniac wants the electro orb to power up her dooms day device. So she steals it from the museum. Now the Power Ponies are after her. She's building her dooms day device at a shampoo shop nd the Power Ponies are sneeking up on her. Her henchponies come out but they deafeat the henchponies but now the maniac comes out, a much bigger foe! She comes out with a bottle of hairspray! Spike quickly warns them about the Hairspray: The Hairspray Ray of Doom! It stops you in your tracks and renders your powers useless! -Spike She sprayed Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash froze and fell from the air! All the power Ponies were a little too brave. They started trotting toward the mane-iac but she sprayed the hair spray and froze them all. All except Saddle Ranger. She was hiding behind a thing to but mail in! The Mane-iac found Fluttershy soon enough and sprayed her too. She didn't spray Humdrum though because she thought it would be useless. Spike climbed up an air vent into the shampoo factory excpecting them to be gone but instead they were inside a huge cage. One of the mane-iac's henchponies was standing beside the cage and had an alarm set for about 5 minutes. When it rung he would spray them with the hair spray of doom. Spike saw a tarp that the mane-iac had used to cover her dooms day device and connected that to two other hooks and a Box. when he threw the box off a platform it slid the tarp across the floor gathering most of the henchponies on it. Than whe
Dooms day device

Dooms Day Device

n the ell rang again for the pony to spray the hairspray but spike held onto a hook which slid him across the ceiling knocking over the pony and the hairspray. The Power Ponies got out of the cage and started atacking the henchponies. Fluttershy started walking out of the building when Spike caught and stopped her. The Mane-iac saw Fluttershy standing there telling Humdrum why she should leave. She thought this would be the perfect time to aim her dooms Day device. Just as she was about to aim a Firefly got in the way so she hit it. As it went flying it hit the wall beside Fluttershy and that made her mad. Listen: Oh, goodness! Are you okay? [to the Mane-iac] Are you kidding me? I mean, I know you're evil and everything, but [getting frustrated] you hurt a teensy, little, harmless firefly?! Really?! Well you're just a great, big, meanie! [voice getting deeper] There! I said it! What makes you think
you're so special?! Like the rules of common courtesy don't apply to you?! [voice getting even deeper] Why don't you pick on somepony your own size?!  She got so Angry she turned big and defeated the Mane-iac.