Princess Luna

Princess Luna

Princess Luna is Princess Celestia's sister. She is known around Eqestria for raising the moon. (Formerly Nightmare Moon)  had been Nightmare moon but was reunited by the Elements of Harmony is The second most best ruler over Equestria and is now along side her sister

Princess LunaEdit

Princess luna is Princess Celestia's Sister and used to be Nightmare Moon . She'd gotten jealous since her sister would raise the sun and ponys would show they liked the sun while they didn't show that they liked the moon. For an example The ponies relished and played in her elder sister's daylight but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. One fat
Luna yelling

Luna talking to the citizens of ponyville in a loud voice

eful day Luna refused to
Princess luna 2

Princess luna in season 1

Green nightmare moon

Green smoke shaped like nightmare moon from Zecora's tale

lower the moon and vowed that she would shrowd the land in eternal night. That was when she turned into night mare moon. Nightmare night is a night like Halloween except about Nightmare Moon instead. In Luna Eclipsed Princess Luna comes on Nightmare Night for fun like the other foals. Every other pony is scared of her though. Zecora even tells a tale of Nightmare Moon. Here is the tale:
Every year we put on a disguise
      To save ourselves from her searching eyes
      But Nightmare Moon just wants only one thing
      To gobble up ponies in one quick swing
       Hungrily, she soars the skies
      If she sees nopony, she passes by
      So if she comes and all is clear
      Equestria is safe for another year
      Fill up her belly with a treat or two
      So she won't return to come eat you
Ponies dress up as different things, even Daring Do! Then they give out candy.

Magic colorEdit

Her magic color is usually blue but it can be violet and cyan.

Princess Luna

Luna's cutiemarkEdit

Luna's cutiemark is a moon. It might be the omly mark in Equestria that has color around it like this. The mane part of her cutiemark is the moon at the top. It represents her rising and lowering the moon.

Princess Luna in the dreamsEdit

Princess Luna can go into pony's dreams. She went into Scootaloo's dreams in the episode Sleepless in Ponyville. She also went into Sweetie Belle's dreams in the episde For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.