Crystal Rainbow Dash

Crystal Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a pegasus pony who loves to fly fast! When she was young [[Pinkie Pie |
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dashh
Rainbow Dash
Some attributes
First Rainbow Dash is a female pegasi
Second She is very fast
Third She has a Rainbow Mane
Other attributes
Fourth Best Flyer
Fifth She is very good at coaching
Sixth Her younger adopted sister is Scootaloo

|image = Earth Rb.png |imagewidth = 260px |imagecaption = Rainbow Dash as an earth pony

she performed a Sonic Rainboom and also got her cutie mark when she did that. A Sonic Rainboom is when a pony like rainbow Dash fly down against the air and then BOOM! A boom made of rainbow appears! She also earned her cutiemark when she first did that. She was the only pegasi  to pull it off! It all happened during the race at Flight Camp when I was trying to defend Fluttershy
Sonic Rainboom

Sonic Rainboom

Filly Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash as a Filly

. I've never flown like THAT before! That freedom was unlike anything I've ever felt! The
Earth rb

Earth Rainbow Dash

speed, the adrenaline, the wind in my mane... I liked it... a lot! Then I performed it, The Sonic Rainboom! After that as fast a
RD Brezzie

Rainbow Dash As a Brezzie

s lightning appeared my cutiemark! A cloud with a Rainbow bolt coming out of it! She is somtimes called Rainbow, Dashy, Dash, RD, R
Rainbow Dash's Home

Rainbow Dash's Bedroom

Rainbow's House

Rainbow's House

ainbow Crash, Rainbow Wobble, Zapp, The One and only Rainbow Dash, Breath Taking, Rainbow Danger Dash, Daring Dash, and Rainbow Proffesionalism Dash. Her occupation is Wonderbolts Trainee, the Ponyville weather patrol, and memeber of the Wonderbolts Reserve.


Tank is Rainbow's pet tortise. She got Tank by having a race. Rainbow Dash wanted an animal that could fly as fast as she could. So she had a race Galloping Gorge. Tank was racing just for fun. Rainbow Dash said, "Whoe



ver crosses the finish line with me wins! 1..2..3 Go." She yelled and they were off! She made sure that they knew about the electric eals. As she flew she accidently made an avoloche. Her wing got stuck under a rock. As she watched the other birds fly over she yelled trying to get one of the birds to lend a hand or a feather in this case. She sat there wondering if someone was going to come. As time went on she saw a shadow. Is it a pony? But it was Tank. She was really angry that she was stuck hear with the most annoying turtle! Tank stuck his head into the ground and pushed up to lift up the rock. She let Rainbow Dash out! Finally! she thought. She was sitting on the turtle's back for the rest of the time until the reached the finish line (which got moved half way because they noticed what was happening.)

Rainbow Dash 

Rainbow Dash is an awesome flyer and lives in Cloudsdale. She has a Rainbow mane and her parents may be Rainbow - something. Her dad was probably seen in the episode Games Ponies play.
Rainbow's Dad

Rainbow's Dad

Her Mom may be another pony that does not look a bit like
Go Princess!!!

her but she may be the Mom of Rainbow Dash. ONe of Rainbow Dash's favorite things was flying fast but the only thing she liked more was winning. She is the fastest pony in Ponyville and she says that she's probably the best flyer in all of Equestria! And she DOES Show off. Rainbow Dash says she hates loosing games. She is almost always fighting with Applejack to see who is the "Iron Pony." Rainbow Dash isn't afraid to speak up and acts as if she's more cool than she really is. In Testing Testing 1,2,3... She passes the test to becoming a Wonderbolt and  Probably let her dream come true.

Rainbow Dash Flying

Rainbow Dash in Twilight's Kingdom

In Twilight's Kingdom part-1 and -2 Princess Celestia gets Twilight and Cadence to meet in Canterlot to tell them somthing. Tirec escaped from Tartus when Serberus left his gates. But he had finally gained enough power to steal unicorn magic. He started stealing magic as soon as he gained enough strength.
Rainbow Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash in Twilight's Kingdom

Twilight wants to find her true self of being a princess. and thinks that this would be the way. but Princess Celestia tells them that she'd have to call in another guest to stop Tirec.... Discord.  As in Discord, Discord. Applejack asked when they heard the news. "He can sense when there's a magical imbalance. The next time Tirek steals magic, Discord will be able to track him down." Twilight told her friends. She started walking away when Spike asked her, Where are you going? To the castle of the two sister. she said to catch up on my reading. "May we go with you." Rainbow Dash asked. Sure! On there way Discord reminds them of a chest they had not been opened by six keys. The mane six finally find out how to open it by reading there diary, the sections that Discord had bookmarked. The had to do with a certain thing. The pony was having trouble doing what there element meant but when they got it through and did it they recieved something. Rainbow Dash, you had the chance to fly with the Wonderbolts at the Equestria Games, but instead you chose to compete with your friends. - Twilight Sparkle (Rainbow Dash in Rainbow Falls. the tenth episode in the 4th season) She earned an item from Spitfire, a metal shape of a lightning bolt with wings around it. Pinkie Pie got a toy named Boneless, a rubber chicken when she noticed that seeing her friends laugh was better than proving she was a better party planner than Cheese sandwhich.( This happened in Pinkie Pride. The 12th episode in season 4) Applejack earned hers when she told the ponies that thought a tonic was real was fake. She earned a coin from a seller that was selling the fake tonic.(This happened on the 20th episode of the 4th season called Leap of Faith) Fluttershy got a flower from the breezies when she noticed that the kindest thing she could do for them was make them go to there home before it was too late.(This happened on the 16th episode of the 4th season called It ain't easy being breezies.)  Rarity, even after Suri took advantage of her generosity at Fashion Week in Manehattan, she didn't let it cause her to abandon her generous spirit. When Siri's servant-ish girl quit her job because she noticed it wasn't every pony to herself in Equestria she gave rarity a gift. A rainbow thread roll. (This happened on the 8th episode of the fourth season) each of them earned something and twilight thought there could be something on those items, so she asked everypony to meet her at the Tree of Harmony after they went back to Ponyville to get them. As they met at the tree the mane six (except Twilight) started looking for places the keys could be. Pinkie Pie started telling Boneless to give the key to her while she shook him up and down. I don't think that's going to work. Twilight started to say. She accidently let go of him and it flew right towards the tree. As it neared the tree the box sent a light out which grabbed the object and changed it into a key! They all did the same thing, everypony except Princess Twilight Sparkle. A little later she found that Discord had joined sides with Tirec. So he was also able to take over pegasi and earth pony. Princess Celestia said. There is no doubt he is after Alicorn magic. she said. We must rid ourselves of our magic before Tirec has a chance to steal it from us.  -Princess Celestia. Twilight was ready to do her part but Princess Luna had to

he objects of the mane five except twilight's

let her know, Our magic can't dissapear into thin air. You are the one who should have our magic they agreed. But why me she wondered.  They did not believe that tirec was aware that therer was a 4th Alicorn Princess. Twilight was ready with the help of my friends... Princess Celestia stopped her. I'm sorry Twilight , I'm afraid if your friends knew about your new powers it would put them in great risk. Twilight finally underdstood and they began to transfer there magic. When it was done the Princesses had no cutiemark. It is done. Princess Celestia said. Tirec gave Discord a neclace to show him that he truly he considered this a team effort but he had really lied. Tirec saw a tiled window of Princess Twilight and got angry at Discord for not telling him that there was a fourth alicorn. When he found out where she lived he came to Ponyville and found her friends


. Twilight had trouble using he new powers. She was up for a while in the night trying to figure things out. Spike woke up to ask if everything was O.K. and she said yes. O well he said. If the sun's not up then neither am I. he said.  The sun should be up by now. She said. THE SUN SHOULD BE UP BY NOW! she yelled! When she tried to raise the sun it flittered around in the sky then the moon came back up and then the sun. She was trying to use her powers the right way but she kept doing the wrong. For an example whe
Twilight's burning house

Twilight's burning house

  • Mane 6 rainbow
  • Pinkie Pie rainbow
  • Rainbow Twilight
  • Rainbow Dash in Rainbow Power
  • Rainbow Fluttershy
  • Rainbow Applejack
  • Rainbow Rarity
  • rainbow main 6
n she tried to open her door she broke it. When she was trying to practice her telification(disappearing) she apeared all over Equestria and heard Tirec yelling "Princess Twilight, you have something that belongs to me." They started running away from each other for a while. Tirec even destroyed Twilight's house, She at least saved Owlowiscious. When they kept fiting Tirec he thought of a trade. For the Alicorn magic in Equestria he'd trade for her friends.(including Discord) He'd betrayed Discord. She a greed and traded. When Discord gave Twilight his neclace he meant it as a sign of his friendship. Than she noticed this must be it! The last thing to open up the chest! It was! Inside the chest w

as a rainbow thing which turned them into Rainbow ponies! They saved Equestria!  Twilight even got a new                                       house!                   

My new house
Twilight's new house

Twilight's Castle


Mane Six Head

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