Rarity is a generous pony who loves fashion. Her cutie Mark means that she is a good

Some attributes
First Rarity is a beautiful unicorn
Second She is white
Third Too beautiful that spike has a crush on her
Other attributes
Fourth I am beautiful - Rarity
Fifth She wears fake eyelashes
Sixth She is like Zoe in lps
fashonist. Her hair color is Violet Blue and her coat is white. She lives in a fashion shop called Carousel Boutique. She lives with her little sister Sweetie Belle, and her cat opaliscious.(Or for short Opal.) Rarity's Magic is unlike Twilight's magic and is made for carrying jewels and diamonds.Her magic is almost always Blue. Her Cutiemark is mainly about how much She likes fashion. She is also good at carrying a lot of things at once. Rarity finds gems by going to a place with a lot of dirt and using her horn to find gems. when she does find them you can b
Evil Rarity

Evil Rarity

asically see them there in the Ground. She can find the gems but she won't dig them out so she usally brings Spike with her. Rarity can somtimes get a bit carried away like in the episode Inspiration Manifestation. She read a book called inspiration Manifestaion and it turned her magic green. with Spike's help she turned back to normal.
Rarity's Magical Ability

Rarity using her magical Abilities


Rarity loves fashion and loves Canterlot. Her dream is to become a designer for Princess Celestia. She loves to design dresses and especially loves to help her friends. Rarity got her cutiemark in a school play. She was making costumes f
Young Rarity 2

Young Rarity

or her school play at Carousel Boutique as she told herself Maybe I'm not made to be a fashion designer after all. All of a sudden her horn lit up. It started pulling out the door her and literly dragged her across the room through the dessert  and finally she had stopped at a....rock. Rarity was very angry. As she was yelling back in Cloudsdale Rainbow Dash at the same time was having a race to defend Fluttershy.  In that race she performed a sonic rainboom which broke the rock in front of Rarity in half. Inside were beautiful gems and Rarity knew that she could put these on  the costumes. Now she thought, these costumes will be gorgeous and they sure were!


Opal is a naughty cat who has green eyes, a bow in her hair,

makeup, and a collar with a jewel in the middle of it. She has very sharp claws and her favorite toy is a play mouse. Opal is pretty mean and Rarity says that she can't even get near her without getting a swipe from her paws.

Opal tears Sweetie's Hair with claws

Crystal Rarity

Crystal Rarity

Sweetie BelleEdit

Sweetie Belle is Rarity's little sister. her magic color is green and Sweetie Belle sometimes
Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle

will over react like the time when she told Rarity that she wasn't her sister any more, or like the ti
Green horn

Sweetie Belle's Green magic

me when she thought that Rarity was always trying to get more attention
Rainbow Rarity

than her. But most of the time she is a good little sister.

Rarity's ParentsEdit

Rarity's Parents were seen in the episode Inspiration Manifestation and Sister Hoov
Rarity's parents

Rarity's Parents

es Social are the episodes her parents are in. Her parents aren't as well mannered as she is but the are still kind. There names are never mentioned.

Love of FashionEdit

Love of CanterlotEdit

Rarity loves Canterlot that she most definately wished she was born there. All Though her parents aren't too much like her She feels like she is a Canterlot Pony at heart. In fact when Twilight told her where she was from Rarity Started telling Twilight about what she liked there and said that She and Twilight would become the Best of Friends. When Rarity went to Canterlot for a little trip she told Opal that She loved EVERYTHING about Canterlot.

Love for FashionEdit

Rarity loves fashion a lot too. She especially likes designing outfits. She also likes giving ponies makeovers and best of all she loves the Fashion hit ponies. Epecially Photo Finish, Sapphire Shores, and Hoity Toity.

Hoity ToityEdit

She once did a Fasion Show for Hoity Toity but it was horrible. Rarity's friends (Applejack, Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, and Fluttershy) Wanted the most fabulous dresses. Well at least w
MLP,FiM Fashion show

MLP,FiM Fashion show

hat they thought and Hoity Toity decided to come all the way from Canterlot just to see the show. They had made the uglyest dresses She'd ever seen. So Rarity decided to put on another Fashion Show. Once the Rarity's Friends noticed how ugly the dresses were and that they should've wore the dresses that she had made the first time they agreed that Rarity should put on another Fashion Show that would Surprise Hoity Toity. This time it was way better than the ugly dresses.

Photo FinishEdit

Photo Finish was seen on the episode Green isn't your Color. She ran into Rarity and told her that she liked her hat so much that she would take come to her Boutiqe and take pictures. As she took Pictures every time Fluttershy did a nice pose Photo Finish would say No which would make Fluttershy have a sad face on and make her feel like she wasn't doing what Rarity had begged her to do. Then Photo Finish would take the picture of Fluttershy, when she was Sad. She took about 5 pictures and yelled enough. She had seen enough.The rest of the story is right here.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Episode 20, "Green Isn't Your Color"-0

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Episode 20, "Green Isn't Your Color"-0

Full Episode

Sapphire ShoresEdit

Sapphire Shores is called the pony of Pop. Rarity works for Sapphire Shores mainly for dresses. She is in the episode For whom the Sweetie Belle Toils and A Dog and Pony Show. She somtimes isn't that nice and she is a famous singer in Equestria.
"A Dog and Pony Show" MLP FiM S1 E19

"A Dog and Pony Show" MLP FiM S1 E19

"For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" MLP FIM S4 E19

"For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" MLP FIM S4 E19


Some pictures of Opal

Opal with her favorite toy

Opal guarding her favorite toy