Spike the Dragon lives in Golden Oak Library with Twilight Sparkle. He is her nu


mber one assistant. Spike was born when Twilight got her cutiemark. She had to crack open an egg with her magic. When she did it baby spike was inside.

Spike Baby

Spike the DragonšŸ˜Edit

In love spike

in love Spike

Spike has a crush on Rarity. When he first meets her he asks "Are my Spines straight?" -SpikeĀ Ā  In Green isn't your color he even tells Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie that He had a crush on Rarity!

Spike the DragonšŸ˜ˆEdit

Spike gave Rarrity a fire Ruby. Spike then got greedy on his birthday telling every pony it was his birthday. Then he would get toys and stuff like that.

Comic book

It caused him to transform into a huge dragon destroying Ponyville! Rarity gets stuck with the dragon by Spike holding her in his tail. Than Rarity takes off her cape and tells

Spike big

Big Spike with Rarity

Spike this is a crime against fashion! Spike is also very brave and loves to read Power Pony comic books.