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Star Switl The Bearded is a great wizard in Equestria.He is first mentioned by Twilight Sparkle when she dresses up as him for Nightmare Night in Luna Eclipsed,explaining her costume to Spike.She calls him as the "Father of the Amniomorphic spell" and "The most imporatan conjurer of the pre classical era".She also says "He created over 200 spells and has a shelf named after him in the Canterlot Library of Magic.Luna later on in the episode compliments her costume saying she got "even the bells right". He is mentioned several times in the 'Journal of The Two Sisters'. He has a section named after himself in the Canterlot Library. There is also a mueseum dedicated to him in Ponyville. Star Swirl addressed as ' young unicorn wizard' by Princess Celestia is showed to have befriended Scorpan,Lord Tirek's younger brother. He also banished the Sirens to another world.In the 'Journal of the Two Sisters" Celestia and Luna first meet him at the Coronation.


Star Swirl is a male unicorn with a grey coat,a white mane and a white beard.He is shown to have gold eyes and wears a wizard hat with designs of the moon and the stars with a bell on the top.His cloak has the same design with bells at the end of the sides on the cloak.The front of his cloak has a solid gold line with white ruffles at the end and a light blue gem in the middle to hold it.


Princess Luna describes Star Swirl as a care free unicorn like Pinkie Pie.But Princess Celestia states he did not understand the importance of friendship as Twilight did once, and as a result, could not finish his last spell.Despite his cheery personality he was also very serious and had a thirst for knowledge.

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Star Swirl The Bearded